Designer Bedsteads for Boutique Hotels

Vogue Beds are proud to launch a new range of Bedsteads and Blanket boxes.


We have a choice of 10 bedsteads with a variety of options for Storage, 2 Drawers, 4 drawers, Full End lift Ottoman, Side Lift Ottoman and our NEW Maxi Storage available in a choice of 25 fabrics.


 resizedimage600412 MAQ Bedstead in Marine

resizedimage600412 BRN Bedstead in Metal

resizedimage600412 DME Bedtstead in Pebble

resizedimage600437 Dorchester side lift Ottoman 1

resizedimage600459 Dorchester Maxi base Open

resizedimage600459 Dorchester Maxi base half Open

resizedimage10095 MARINE

Marine Plush Velour


resizedimage10075 PLUSH VELVET METAL

Metal Plush Velour


resizedimage10081 PLUSH VELVET PEBBLE

Pebble Plush Velour


resizedimage10079 PLUSH VELVET CLARET

Claret Plush Velour


resizedimage100100 Wool Granite

Wool Granite