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I have been using the’ Vogue Sports therapy Mattress’ for over two months now. As a professional sportsman, undertaking the right method of recovery is vital in order to perform at your peak every day. The Vogue Sports Therapy Mattress has been a key ingredient to helping me recover through sound sleep and maximum comfort as well as keeping me cool throughout the night.

Jigar Naik
Professional Cricketer, Leicestershire County Cricket Club
Twitter: @jigarnaik


Maintaining fitness and remaining injury free become increasingly important to me as I get older, the Sports Therapy mattress has improved the quality of my sleep

Simon Rolington
Over 50 Men's World Veteran's Squash Currently seeded 5 - 8
Top 30 Previously World Ranked Squash Professional



My body feels relaxed, refreshed and full of energy, I'm really surprised about the effect it's had on me,

I'm recommending the Sports Therapy mattress

Steve Sayers
Head PGA Golf Professional
at Ramsdale Park Golf Centre




Wow - Loving my Sports Therapy mattress, its definitely helping me sleep a lot better and I'm waking up more refreshed

Clarice Parrot
Long Jumper
Junior Essex AA Champion
for the 4th year running
Working towards the 2014 commonwealth Games




I have had just a few nights on my sports therapy mattress. I have already noticed the positive influence it has had on both my sleep quality and recovery. I would thoroughly recommend this product

Greg Smith
Leicestershire Cricket team




Since using the Vogue Sports Therapy Mattress I have noticed an improved sleep quality that has enhanced my recovery and preparation to play at the optimal level. During my career as a professional cricketer I have sustained numerous back injuries, including a Stress fracture. Since using the Vogue Sports Therapy Mattress I have not had any back problems and have suffered from less joint stiffness in the mornings following training and matches. I feel the use of the Vogue Sports Therapy Mattress has been an important part of my most successful season so far.

Wayne White - Lancashire Cricket Club



I have been using the Sports Therapy Mattress now for just over a week and have been delighted with how comfortable the mattress in comparison to my previous sprung mattress. The quality of my night’s sleep has noticeable improved already as it is so much easier to get comfortable, the feel is extremely soft and provides the right amount of support for me also. As a sport’s professional it is important for me to get a good night’s sleep to feel revitalised ahead of playing in a tournament, I am delighted with the product so far and would recommend this mattress to all who would need to improve their sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and pain free!

Mark Whittle
Professional Golfer
Hinckley Golf Club



After graduating from Cambridge University as a doctor in 1983, Dr Brewer was a full-time GP for five years and has worked in hospital medicine for almost 15 years. She is currently studying for a Masters degree in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey, Guildford.

Dr Sarah Brewer comments on her Vogue Beds Sport Therapy mattress ‘ I was sceptical that a mattress could improve my quality of sleep, but now I’m convinced. My post-ski shoulder pain has gone, my husband’s persistent backache is solved, and I’m sleeping so heavily it’s sometimes difficult to get up. It’s a long time since I remember feeling so refreshed.’

Dr Sarah Brewer, editor of www.wellness.com


Nick Buckfield, sports massage therapist and double Olympian pole vaulter, is sleeping so much better now thanks to his Vogue Beds Sports Therapy mattress.

Nick comments, “I should have bought one of these mattresses ages ago. My wife and I both love it.” As well as being a qualified sports massage therapist, Nick is also an athletics coach and triathlete so sleep is important to aid recovery and boost sporting performance.

Nick continues “Due to my sport, I suffer from lower back pain which is so much better now. The mattress is really comfortable and my quality of sleep has definitely improved. Previously, we had an orthopaedic mattress which was hard and old. We definitely prefer the Sports Therapy Mattress and enjoy the benefit of the Blu Cool Memory Foam. The only problem now is keeping the kids off the bed!”

Nick Buckfield, sports massage therapist and double Olympian pole vaulter




Dai Green; World & Commonwealth 400m Hurdle Champion.

 If you lead an active lifestyle, like top sportsman Dai Greene, who is the Commonwealth and World Champion holder for the 400m hurdles, give your  body optimum support and help alleviate any sports strains by sleeping on the latest Sports Therapy mattress from Vogue Beds. ‘I’m very happy with  the mattress as I find it very comfortable after a long day training,’ says Dai. ‘I chose the firm option and, not only does it help me unwind, it has  helped relieve stiffness through my lower back. I go to sleep feeling relaxed and wake up feeling flexible.’



"I’ve really noticed how comfortable the Sports Therapy mattress is. It has helped me sleep well after a long day’s exercising and playing. I’ve also noticed how supportive it feels on my body, especially when I’ve got any aches and pains after a challenging day on the field.”World-class polo player Chris Hyde, whose recent sporting triumphs include winning the Cartier Trophy at the 2013 St Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow tournament and the Bryan Morrison Trophy at the 2013 International Arena Polo Test Match at Hickstead

Chris Hyde - Polo Player


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