Vogue works it out for a good night’s sleep

Vogue works it out for a good night’s sleep

We all know that a good night’s sleep is vital for restoring and recharging your body after a busy day and a good workout session.


Do you toss and turn in bed; do you get too warm or cold to get the right amount of sleep? Perhaps you find yourself sleeping on top of your covers or burrowing down in the bed to get comfortable.


Vogue Beds understands just how frustrating a sleepless night can be so has launched a range of Sports Therapy mattresses designed for anyone with an active lifestyle. 


The range focuses on recuperation after physical activity and comprises three models; Sports Therapy, Sport Therapy Memory and Sports Therapy Latex.


The Sports Therapy Latex model combines sports therapy foam and talalay latex to ensure a mattress without compromise. Talalay is a radically different version of latex foam; the manufacturing process allows you to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. With no loss of elasticity, it offers optimal support, which coupled with mildew resistance and anti-allergenic properties makes for a very desirable product.


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